PostgreSQL Replication - Second Edition por Hans-Jurgen Schonig

August 22, 2019

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PostgreSQL Replication - Second Edition por Hans-Jurgen Schonig

Titulo del libro: PostgreSQL Replication - Second Edition

Autor: Hans-Jurgen Schonig

ISBN: 1783550600

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This book is ideal for PostgreSQL administrators who want to set up and understand replication. By the end of the book, you will be able to make your databases more robust and secure by getting to grips with PostgreSQL replication.

Hans-Jurgen Schonig

Hans-Jurgen Schonig has 15 years of experience with PostgreSQL. He is the CEO of a PostgreSQL consulting and support company called Cybertec Schonig & Schonig GmbH ( It has successfully served countless customers around the globe. Before founding Cybertec Schonig & Schonig GmbH in 2000, he worked as a database developer at a private research company focusing on the Austrian labor market, where he primarily focused on data mining and forecast models. He has also written several books about PostgreSQL.

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